Live Daily Mass with Father Jacqmin in Aalst (near Brussels) at the Chapel of Our Lady of Flanders

Father Eric Jacqmin is a priest formed and ordained in FSSPX, but he was dismissed because he objected to their acceptance of an heretic as a pope and because important immoralities between their priests have been accepted by the superiors.

Father Jacqmin was ordained by the bishops of the FSSPX and is now working under Mgr Morello, who was consecrated by Mgr Neville (who was consecrated by Mgr MacKenna, who was consecrated by Mgr Guérard, who was consecrated by Mgr Thuc).

When you send an email to Father at with the subject: "Mass Link" (very important for fast response), he will add you to a mailing list and you will receive a link to the Mass up to ten minutes before the start time of the Mass. The link will take you to the website, "Click Meeting”, where you can view the Mass.

The Mass times are:

  • Sundays and obligatory feasts : Noon EST (6:00 pm Brussels time)
  • Weekdays at 2pm EST (8:00 pm Bt)
  • Saturdays at 5:30am EST (11.30 am Bt)

UPDATE - Father Jacqmin can no longer offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at Our Lady of Flanders

Due to persecution, the owner of the building has decided Father can no longer offer Mass there! "Please pray for a solution", Father asks. We will announce when Father has found a new location for Mass. Until then, since Father survives only on our donations, please consider offering financial assistance here: GoFundMe For a new chapel for Fr Jaqmin

Now there is Internet access at the Saint Antony of Padua in Beloeil:

Sundays and obligatory feasts : 4AM EST (10:00 am Brussels time)

In the offertory prayer "Suscipe Sancte Pater .." Father Jacqmin prays also for all the Christians so also for the absentees and certainly those who unite in faith and prayer with the Mass.

Father Jacqmin's statement on "Una cum":

"In the canon in the prayer "Te igitur" names of heretics will not be mentioned, since the Holy Church always and everywhere excluded heretics from the "community of saints". A heretic can not be called a pope, that is the doctrine of the Church through the ages."

For more information and for excellent articles on the current crisis in the Church, visit Father Jacqmin's website at