The scriptural words above are the wise counsel of St. Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2: 14 and just the fact that you have arrived on this page is a blessing and we hope you pray for the grace to truly see that all we publish on DailyCatholic is the unadulterated Catholic truth. As we have said so many times, don't take our word for it, see what holy Mother Church has always taught as infrangible truth for Our Lord cannot deceive nor be deceived. We pray you can see that if you have been deceived in any way by what has been taught by the Vatican 2 church, then something must be wrong and you will know it does not come from God, but rather His adversary the devil.

       That is why we have endeavored for 22 years online to bring you the unadulterated truths and traditions of the Church instituted by Christ. We can humbly say we have never had to print a retraction of anything published on these pages. Of course with all that we have here and in archives it takes money to continue. We know that so many of our readers are unable to assist at a true traditional Latin Mass because of where they live and use the daily liturgy from the approved St. Andrew Missal 1945 and in so doing can gain the efficacious graces possible through their prayers at home. We remain the only publication in the world to provide such and are grateful to God that we can provide such nourishment for souls. So if you have benefited in any way, we'd be so grateful for a donation of whatever you deem it is worth.

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